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welcome to Phytoceutics, an ISO 9000,GMP,HACCP,HALAL and Pharmaxil certified herbal pharmaceutical company,

phytoceutics was founded with the vision of developing innovetive and research based herbal medicine and integrate it with modern technology and science.

Phytoceutics does huge research & development on ancient Concepts in the Ayurveda & transform those concepts with the help of Research, clinical trials & modern technology to bring you the most potent & Research based Herbal formulations. Our each & every product undergoes huge trials & changes during the phase of development to deliver the excellent product in its class.



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Welcome to Phytoceutics Healthcare Pvt.Ltd!


We aspire to share collaborative & symbiotic relationships with our employees.
Our continuous aim is to focus on grooming & retaining talent internally by developing human Values & potential through various learning& developmental activities.

The Environment at Phytoceutics can be defined as positive & built on
Mutual strengths. We believe in being simple, humble & honest.

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innovation @ Phytoceutics

We are first to introduce a poly herbal formulation to correct each and every root cause of Polycystic Ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
We are first to launch concept of Super Baby (Shrestha Aapatyam) by providing essential nootropic herbs throughout pregnancy to improves cognitive functions of the offspring’s.
We are first to launch a herbal formulation for IUGR and Oligohydraminous by improving microcirculation alogwith providing most natural form of amino acids.
We are first to launch a herbal formulation for Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (PIH), which reduces and prevent incidence of PIH and act as a treatment adjacent
We are first to introduce herbal formulation for ovulation induction which acts on folliculogensis and rupture of follicle. And duration of treatment is just like a clomiphene citrate.

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