Bulk drug/ classical generic drug

Generic formulations is our biggest business which brings good health to many by offering over 100+ high quality classical herbal medicines along with generic version of expensive innovator medicines. This offers medicines at an affordable cost as quickly as possible to patients around the world.

In india all our branded medicines are available under their generic names and are called pure or unbranded generics. In emerging markets our products are available under a brand name and hence are called branded generics.

The classical formulations taken directly from the Vedas, the Books of Ayurved, These formulations have different names, all given by the vedas, and no Company or Person, can give them new names, if the formulation happens to be the same. A Company takes appropriate license to manufacture the specific Classical Formulations. The Classical Name and the Book its referenced from, has to be specified by the Company, on the Medicine Label. The Company May or may not mention the complete formula on the label. Just the Classical Name and the Name of the 'Book of Ayurved' from where the Formulation is Referenced , is all that is Required on the Medicine Label. Some Companies mention on the Label also, that it is a 'Classical' Ayurvedic Formulation.

We have all our branded medicine in a bulk packaging to buy for doctors along with all classical herbal medicine in a bulk quantity.