Formulating a Herbal Drug

Product Designing:

Developing new products based on the concepts is an art to create a master piece which leads the market with its innovative concepts and the results they have, and our each and every product undergoes huge trials and changes during the phase of development to deliver the excellent product in its class

Formulation Development

1. Identification (Concepts from ancients text of Ayurveda)

2. Pharmacognosy – identification of herbs

3. Preclinical pharmacology

4. Standardization - analysis, quality assessment, purity

5. Formulation and Development - development of dosage forms, stability studies

6. Clinical studies –phase wise clinical trials.

1) Identification - We identify the potential concepts in ancient’s text of Ayurveda and work on the basics of those particular concepts.

2) Pharmacognosy - we identify the best suitable herbs for that particular concepts or condition and work on their phytochemical properties and potential results.

3) Clinical trials and studies - we conduct phase wise clinical trials of our formulation to ensure that each and every herb play its vital role to reach the most potent and superior product

4) Accelerated stability trials to check physical, chemical, microbiological and biological aspects of formulations.

5) Standardization - to deliver same quality of formulation batch after batch.

6) Formulation & Development – identify the dosage of each herb in the formulation and their stability tests.