Our Company was founded in 2008 With the vision of providing Innovative and Research based herbal formulations and integrate it with modern technology & science. and incorporated as PhytoCeutics Healthcare Pvt.Ltd on October 13,2014 as a Private Limited company under Companies Act, 2013,

we are certified with An ISO 9000, GMP, HACCP, HALAL and PHARMAXIL

Phytoceutics does huge research & development on ancient Concepts in the Ayurveda & transform those concepts with the help of Research, clinical trials & modern technology to bring you the most potent & Research based Herbal formulations. Our each & every product undergoes huge trials & changes during the phase of development to deliver the excellent product in its class.

Phytoceutics has a powerful element of social responsibility inscribed in its values & its concern for the society beyond its business motives. Alleviation of the sufferings of mankind, availability of the medicines to all at affordable prices without any discrimination and continued efforts to improve the quality of medicines are our Values. Phytoceutics continues to spread its wings in expansion in the domestic as well as in the international markets with a vision beyond the existing horizon to stand among the leading Indian herbal Healthcare companies.

And Our mission is to establish a corporate brand through the creation of original research and Innovation on ancient concepts in Ayurveda. And establish a strong and flexible business quality through the promotion...